‘Disenfranchised is what some people would call me, though I still eat plenty of McDonald’s.’

After his brother Erik is left brain damaged from a car crash, Kevin finds himself a reluctant carer; the only clear-headed person in a world of invalids and mindless shoppers. 

Mark Vender's 'Adnarchy' tells of Kevin's struggle to find normalcy in his life. Receding into a world of online gaming and binge eating, he tries to create joy in small amusements – defacing ads and making jokes, in the hope that one day his brother will recover.

Spineless Wonders is proud to offer this series of twelve beautifully-written digital long stories selected for us by award-winning Australian author, Michael McGirr. To find out more, go to shortaustralianstories.com.au

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  • an ebook in Kindle-compatible mobi format
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    Language: English / Published: 02 December 2015


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    Spineless Wonders

    Spineless Wonders is devoted to short, quality fiction produced by Australian writers. We’re interested in brief fiction in all its forms – short story, novella, sudden fiction and prose poems. We publish all kinds of stories – contemporary realist, black comedy, steam punk, historical, literary, romance, psychological, mystery, crime, futurist, speculative and genres yet to be labelled.


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