Told from the first person point of view this verse novel uses the language and shape of online chat, email, fragments and stream of consciousness to take the reader headfirst into the world of online life in the nineties. For those who were there it will recreate the moment, for those who never were it’s a chance to experience the beginnings of social networking with the humour, excitement and dilemmas it can pose.
“Dawes deftly parses the sad sass, seductive disassociaton and weightless absurdity of cybersex and an online affair with biting fidelity.” ALVIN PANG, Over There: Poems from Singapore and Australia
"In a world in which communication is becoming more and more disembodied, conducted in hyper-realities and hyper text, and in which Spike Jonze’s film Her, about disembodied human and computer erotic relations has just been released, Dawes’ verse novel is highly relevant and in sync with contemporary times and trends. Dawes speaks of the isolation and difficulty which older generations, especially the baby-boomer generation, can have in this new quick-moving and complex labyrinthine digital world."
JOEL EPHRAIMS, South Coast Writers Centre

"BRB: Be Right Back ­- an exciting addition to the verse novel genre – is a blend of lyric, narrative poetry, and cyber-discourse. Online in the naughty nineties, Dawes’ protagonist, Boadicea, finds a world that liberates her from everyday life and its responsibilities for children and (often absent) partner. In chat rooms she learns to be herself or anyone else she chooses. From the moment she gets naked online, Boadicea enters a world of discovery, eroticism and obsession." BARBARA TEMPERTON

Re-released in 2017 as part of Spineless Wonders' Capsule Collection series.

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  • Maree Dawes online chat novel verse novel Australian erotica erotica
    Language: English / Published: 03 January 2014


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