Dancing On Your Bones

Rebekah Clarkson

‘This was what you wanted: to have somewhere you were meant to be.’

Donna is struggling with change. After moving into a new town, seeing her daughter start school and getting a job with the local drop-in centre, she feels more mixed up and out of place than her five-year-old. 
Life is complicated. There is the seemingly impenetrable kindy mother’s group, the bottles of Grange her husband keeps receiving from property developers and the erotic dreams she is having about her new boss.

In this engaging and unsettling story, Rebekah Clarkson reminds us that adult life is far from neat and resolved.

Spineless Wonders is proud to offer this series of twelve beautifully written digital long stories selected for us by award-winning Australian author, Michael McGirr. To find out more, go to shortaustralianstories.com.au

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    Language: English / Published: 19 September 2015


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