Shooting Star

Marjorie Lewis-Jones

Easy-going Orley has until recently enjoyed a casual lifestyle, running an ageing caravan park in a less than salubrious resort town, surrounded by a family he loves and on whom he has largely depended. But nothing ever stays the same. When those foundations that have been his world are threatened with worsening health issues and even loss, Orley experiences a growing sense of anxiety, powerlessness, loneliness and frustration.

Marjorie Lewis-Jones’ insightful characterisation of Orley as well as her earthy narrative, connects the reader to a uniquely personal experience with a most recognisable and universal theme.

Marjorie Lewis-Jones is a Sydney writer and editor. She won The Carmel Bird Award in 2014 and she recently won the inaugural Lane Cove Literary Award. Marjorie runs the literary blog, a bigger brighter world.

Spineless Wonders is proud to offer this series of twelve beautifully-written digital long stories selected for us by award-winning Australian author, Amanda Lohrey.
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  • Amanda Lohrey Selects series Spineless Wonders love loss anxiety powerless loneliness family womens long story
    Language: English / Published: 25 September 2013


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