Are you new to leadership and keen to build your credibility and confidence? Do you want to inspire your team and achieve results that make a real difference? Are you ready to reinvigorate your leadership with some new ideas and strategies?

You have stepped up as a leader and you want to shine. But leadership is a juggling act and some of the balls are hard to catch. You have schedules to organise, bosses who want answers, clients to keep happy and meetings to attend. Keeping yourself together and building a great team at the same time is a challenge. You can lead if you know how.
That’s where this book comes in. It is your complete guide to managing people and teams. It is down to earth, easy to read and full of practical ideas you can implement right away. Read this book and become the leader others choose to follow.

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  • Leadership development Team leadership Employee engagement
    Language: English / Published: 21 March 2016


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